Drug Warning - Seroquel

Drug Warning: Seroquel

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I recently shared an article indicating the number of natural medicines that were removed from the shelves in Canada after their laws basically outlawed CAMs medicines. This is the paradigm they have exchanged that for. This drug was NOT approved for insomnia for a good reason, and has severe side effects, yet became the go-to option. Ironically it is not illegal for a medical professional to prescribe "off label", but it is illegal to advertise off label use. It is left to the discretion of the doctor that did not even bother to read the literature, often influenced by whatever spiel the pharmaceutical rep presented. How ironic that a drug is prescribed for one of its adverse effects with total disregard for the warnings on the package inserts. The whole mindset of the medical trade insulting Complimentary Medicine, yet prescribing off label or using drugs derived from CAMs medicines smacks of hypocrisy.



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