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#TNHA 17 June 2017 - SA PHARMA POLITICS - It's about time Big Pharma got a beating here in SA. For too long, they have been selling worthless and toxic junk at extortionist prices and holding our government to random WITH FAKE STOCK-OUTS designed to squeeze out more tax money from the fiscus. Its also time to hold the drug regulator, the Medicines control Council / SAHPRA to account for approving drugs which have been allowed on the market without proper assessment and which kill and permanently harm people each day. In the Medieval Age, the oppression of the peasants was only possible because education and knowledge were systematically withheld from them. It was only after people learned to read and write that they were able to free themselves, and then think and act on their own initiative. Today were are on the cusp of liberating ourselves from the yoke of these unscrupulous monopolists and taking back our own health with safe, affordable and natural health products and clean heath-supporting foods. Over the past century, great progress has been made in the field of human health. Despite this, today's most common diseases continue in epidemic proportions. This is because human health is being held hostage on a global scale by the status quo – at its center, the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical investment industry that has defined widespread diseases as its target market and which thrives on their continuation.


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