Comment on drug abuse in foster care system

#DrugAbuse #Children

In the USA, the foster care system seems to be just another cash cow, not just for doctors and pharmaceutical companies, but for foster parents as well. The foster system pays around $17 per day for the care of a child that is deemed "normal", but this can escalate to $1,000 per day for a child that is deemed to have medical or psychological problems. It is estimated that 50% of all foster children are on drugs for so-called psychological conditions. Some children on these drugs are 5 and younger.

The attached article is a series that deals with the problem in depth. During their investigations they found company documents that show how drug manufacturers misrepresented scientific evidence to maximize the national market for the antipsychotics drugs, as well as doctors given incentives to boost the rate of prescription among these children. A series of seven articles well worth the read.


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