Medical Crisis South Africa - ratings downgrade impact

Medical Crisis South Africa - ratings downgrade impact

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#TNHA - 19 June 2017 As long as key policy makers in the Department of Health remain traditional and natural health care denialists, the national healthcare system will come crashing down. Over the past century, great progress has been made in the field of human health. Despite this, today's most common diseases continue in epidemic proportions. Last year we saw cardiovascular disease and cancer reach the top five list of causes of death in SA, demonstrating that the prevalence of non-communicable, preventable, diseases of lifestyle are rising sharply. These diseases are the most costly to treat with drugs, radiation and surgery.

Human health is being held hostage on a global scale by the status quo – at its center, the pharmaceutical investment industry that has defined wide-spread diseases as its target market and which thrives on their continuation. The status quo has now declared an economic war on mankind to be led on the battlefield of human health.

Either we allow this and all future generations of mankind to become economically dependent upon the investment business with disease and to be controlled by its political stakeholders – or we take responsibility now by creating a new prevention-oriented health care system for the people and by the people.

First, we have to define the principles of this new, preventive health care. Health is one of the most important human needs and social goals worldwide. A comprehensive state of health and well-being for the people of the world cannot be achieved by interventional medicine that is merely making sure diseases are being treated once they occur.

The goal of providing health to all the people of the world can only be achieved when the focus of healthcare is switched from intervention to prevention – that is, towards averting and correcting the malfunctioning of our body before diseases develop. We, the people must lay down the principle of disease prevention by natural means as the foundation of the new health care system.


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